We specialize in fast and friendly mobile repairs for all your Computer Laptop, Apple and Cell Phone needs. We are always happy to give you a free over-the-phone estimate without any confusing tech-talk!

Fast & Friendly Mobile Repairs

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How Does it Work?

We go to you.

We are fast and friendly.

Me make it super convenient for you -- We go to your location and fix your issue.
We offer FREE on-site repairs at your home, office, or business. If on-site repairs are not convenient for you, we'll arrange a same-day pickup and delivery.*
*We leave you with the latest replacement device while your repair is being completed.
Free Estimate

We are always happy

to give you a FREE over-the-phone estimate.
Whether it's just a bug in your system, a PC/laptop repair, upgrade, or a cell phone screen replacement, we will can give you a free estimate on what it will cost to quickly fix your issue.
With Computer Chalet you are Never Offline!
Clear Pricing

Pricing shouldn't be confusing.

We explain your issue in plain English.
We will not use intimating "tech-talk" when we explain your needed repair and the cost to fix the issue.
With Computer Chalet you are Never Offline!
Our Philosophy is Simple!

We fix your problem fast.

We believe in hassle-free solutions.
At Computer Chalet we believe your computer laptop and cell phone repairs should be friendly, fast, and professional -- without the intimidating and confusing "tech-talk".
With Computer Chalet you are Never Offline!